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Redlight Directory is a dedicated escort Directory that’s entirely focused in providing companionship services for every male or female. Thus, we ensure that the Directory shall provide quality escorts for social and entertainment purposes. However, it is our right to keep all details of our escorts confidential. All details about the escorts are only meant for giving references to viewers and clients who wish to pick a certain “statistic” among the roster shown in the site. The online agency also make sure that all personal information about the escorts will be fully kept confidential. It is completely on the escort and client;s consent if they wish to exchange personal information during the time of their interaction. Redlight Directory doesn’t provide any personal information about escorts and its clients as it is not a part of its terms and services. All transactions will be confidential within the premises of Redlight Directory only. This means that no other contact from the client’s end shall receive details about the exchange that occurred within the site. All information such as billing address, credit card information and e-mail addresses will never be use and exploited for the company’s own profit. All of these will be kept confidential and will only be used in case of emergency situations that may involve the provider of the information. Redlight Directory also makes sure that the escorts are fully protected by the company to ensure that no harm will be given to them. Any sort of harm or abuse done to the escorts will be handled by the full extent of the law as the company only provides services that doesn’t involve any physical harm to the escorts. .

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